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Pubs in London

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Want to experience London? Do not forget about exceptional pubs in this city. London is famous for its numerous pubs. You can try the best beer in the UK and traditional English food. It's also a great choice to meet sexy babes! You can also visit London pubs with your escort girl. It will be an unforgettable time!
Pubs are characteristic of London and other cities in the UK. It's a place for meeting friends, cheering on football matches and other sports. You can also go to the pub for a date. In the evening London's night life take place in pubs, but customers are coming to them earlier.
Pubs can be divided into two types. The first one is a pub selling beer from a specific brewery, the other one in turn is offering a wide selection of beer types. The latter ones are more popular because we can taste different alcohols. 
Types of beer offered in pubs:
Bitter - most popular. British style of pale ale, clear with intense flavour, from golden to dark amber colour. The alcohol content from 3% to 7%. As the name suggests - it’s not sweet.
Ale - quite unusual beer, devoid of bubbles and foam. Served uncooled. The alcohol content is about 3.5 - 6%. It is characterized by intense hop flavour. Most often sold from the cask, where the last stage of fermentation takes place.
Lager - malt beer, brewed and stored at low temperatures. 
Shandy - a sweet blend of beer and a soft drink like lemonade, orange juice, apple juice or ginger juice. A great taste for people who do not like the bitter taste of beer.
Porter - dark, bitter beer. The name derives from English street porters (a person who carries objects).
Stout - beer related to porter. The most popular brand is Guinness. Very dark, with a rich, creamy taste. Intense bitterness. Has a distinctly noticeable chocolate note.
Finding a suitable pub in London should not be a problem. We can go to a pub nearby - they are located almost at every street in town. We can also choose pubs with the most positive reviews. Lists of pubs liked by customers can be found on the internet. We can view opinions on beers in the pub, food, atmosphere, so everyone can find something interesting for themselves.
Take your London escort for a drink!
If you do not want to go to the pub alone, you can choose the stunning escorts in London. These girls know how to guarantee your special time and can accompany you during your stay in the city. They also know what pubs are the best. You can explore London and have fun together with them. These elegant and sexy girls will show you what entertainment is all about. You can go to a pub and later have an intense night in one of the hotels. You can also invite your babe to your place. Your dreams can finally come true!
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